Wayne Broomfield - Inuit Cultural Educator, Expedition Team

Wayne Broomfield

Inuit Cultural Educator, Expedition Team

Wayne is an avid adventurer with a deep commitment to sustainability from northern Labrador, Canada.

A voyager, adventurer, globe trotter, and seeker of nature’s truth, Wayne has travelled from the North Pole to the South Pole, living life to the fullest. A native Indigenous spirit from the remote area of northern Labrador, Canada, Wayne grew up in Makkovik alongside the great Atlantic Ocean. His people and his culture come from Nunatsiavut, which means “Our Beautiful Land,” and beautiful it is.

In 2017, Antarctica called to Wayne, and he answered. One of the few Inuit people to migrate between the Earth’s poles, Wayne has had the pleasure of serving other adventure enthusiasts in Antarctica. His favourite experiences include being frantically chased by polar bears, witnessing polar bear cubs dig their way out of their den, and watching the seals, whales, and other sea creatures play in the ice-locked waters of the poles.

An advocate for the planet, sustainability, and Mother Nature herself, Wayne has participated in movies with National Geographic, photo sessions of the great North and South, as well as sharing stories and adventures with guests who love to listen to his uncommon tales. He’s here to support you in your adventure of a lifetime, so please feel free to ask questions and get his expert advice.