Garry Donaldson - Ornithologist

Garry Donaldson


Garry is a Canadian Wildlife Service biologist managing programs for migratory birds and the twenty-six Migratory Bird Sanctuaries and National Wildlife Areas in Atlantic Canada.

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Garry grew up as an Air Force brat living in a diversity of military communities across Canada. Perhaps influenced by time spent in places like Moose Jaw and Goose Bay, an eventual path towards wildlife biology seemed logical. Most military bases contain wild areas, where Garry first explored woods and streams—influencing who he is today.

Garry Donaldson Climbing

The 460 metre cliffs of Cape Hay on Bylot Island, Nunavut are home to nearly 200,000 seabirds that come here to breed each summer.

Whether car camping with family as a boy, or guiding Arctic white-water canoe and hiking journeys, experiencing nature has remained a theme through Garry’s life. It was his guiding skills that lead to a short contract working on ropes at a Nunavut seabird cliff, where the first glimpse of the chaos and racket of 20,000 swarming seabirds sealed the deal. He has pursued education and a career in wildlife ever since.

Garry Donaldson Measuring Egg

Garry measuring the size and weight of Thick-billed Murre eggs at Prince Leopold Island, Nunavut which, when done over many years, gives us an indication of the health of the seabird colony.

Garry’s current job with the Canadian Wildlife Service is mostly carried out from behind a desk in Sackville, New Brunswick—but he enthusiastically grabs every chance he can to escape on bird surveys or visits to National Wildlife Areas. He dabbles in photography and enjoys exploring wild places in his spare time. Each summer, Garry looks forward to travelling to the Arctic to share his passion for birds and conservation with others on Adventure Canada and Students on Ice expeditions.