Bill Swan - Partnerships & Sustainability

Bill Swan

Partnerships & Sustainability

Bill loves connections and networks—in nature, culture, and people. Travel deepens his appreciation of these intricate weavings, revealing opportunities for a positive and resilient future.

As a co-founder of Adventure Canada, Bill remains awed and deeply appreciative of the amazing next generation of his family who make the company what it is today. This admiration also encompasses the extended family of passionate, intelligent, and inspiring people who have and continue to work for Adventure Canada, as well as the guests who travel with us on these outstanding expeditions. Forging new partnerships, developing and launching the Taste of Place culinary program, and Adventure Canada’s sustainability plan are his current assignments.

In addition to his time with Adventure Canada, Bill manages Greenman Sustainable Solutions, a consulting company through which he has pursued a wide range of projects in community development, natural history, public gardens and greenhouses, community festivals, regenerative economics, climate action, renewable energy, green building, composting, and living soil.

He enjoys outdoor pursuits, travel, cooking (and tasting!), gardening, and fishing, and he has totally irrational interests in both tropical orchids and ice hockey (the Toronto Maple Leafs in particular). Yes, it may seem like a strange combination, but he assures us he’s seeking help!

As Director of Solar Now, a project with Clean Energy Canada, Bill directed the development, communications, and education programs associated with the installation of solar photovoltaic energy on public buildings, schools, community centres, and electric vehicle charging networks. At its conclusion, Solar Now facilitated the installation of over $1.6 million and 420kW of solar renewable energy products in sixteen communities.