Out of the Northwest Passage 2017
Out of the Northwest Passage 2017
Out of the Northwest Passage 2017
Out of the Northwest Passage 2017
Out of the Northwest Passage 2017

Out of the Northwest Passage 2017 picture The Northwest Passage remains one of the world’s last true frontiers, and this expedition takes you to its heart. Presented in proud partnership with Parks Canada, this remarkable voyage will feature visits to some of Canada’s most spectacular and remote wilderness areas. As we explore Qausuittuq, Simirlik and Auyuittuq national parks, we will gain a new respect for these protected areas as we experience the landscape, history and wildlife in the company of Parks Canada experts.

Parks Canada has also offered us a rare opportunity to visit the HMS Erebus National Historic Site. Here, we will have the chance to interact with their underwater archaeology team—while they are working! A live feed means we will be witnessing new discoveries and receive interpretation as it unfolds.

This epic voyage also offers visits to remote northern communities, expeditions to seek out Arctic wildlife in their stunning natural habitats, zodiac cruises featuring glaciers calving and icebergs towering in deep fjords. We will spend our time above the Arctic circle in true expedition style, searching for the aurora borealis and magnificent sea ice as we sail the paths of history.

day 1
Kugluktuk (Coppermine)
day 2
Coronation Gulf
day 3
The Wreck of the HMS Erebus
day 4
Usqsuqtuuq (Gjøa Haven) 
day 5-6
Peel Sound and Parry Channel
day 7
Qausuittuq National Park
day 8
Beechey Island
day 9
Sirmilik National Park
day 10
Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet)
day 11
Northeast Baffin Fjords
day 12
Auyuittuq National Park
day 13
East Baffin
day 14
At Sea
day 15
day 16
Itilleq Fjord
day 17

Located at the mouth of the Coppermine River, southwest of Victoria Island on the Coronation Gulf, Kugluktuk is the westernmost community in Nunavut. Coppermine reverted to its original Inuinnaqtun name—Kugluktuk, meaning “place of moving waters”—on January 1st, 1996. The Coppermine River itself is designated a Canadian Heritage River for the important role it played as an exploration and fur trade route. Copper deposits along the river attracted the first explorers to the area.

Because the tundra is close to the tree line, a variety of wildlife can be viewed in the area, including grizzly bears, wolverines and moose, as well as tundra wildlife, such as musk ox, caribou, foxes, and wolves.

Sept. 7, 2017 - Sept. 23, 2017 - Click on cabin category for ship deckplan

All prices are per person, in US Dollars (USD) unless specified otherwise, and are cash or cheque discounted.

  • 1

    $8995.00   Deck four. Interior cabin, four lower berths, private bath

  • 2

    $10595.00   Deck four. Interior cabin, three lower berths, private bath

  • 3

    $12295.00   Deck five. Interior cabin, two lower berths, private bath

  • 4

    $13795.00   Deck four, porthole window, two lower berths, private bath

  • 5

    $15295.00   Deck five, picture window, two lower berths, private bath

  • 6

    $16795.00   Decks four, seven and eight, picture windows (obstructed view), two lower berth OR matrimonial bed, private bath, refrigerator

  • 7

    $18295.00   Decks five and eight, large picture window (partial obstruction), two lower berth OR matrimonial bed, private bath, refrigerator

  • 8

    $19795.00   Deck five and seven, picture window, two lower berths, private bath, refrigerator

  • 9

    $21295.00   Deck five and seven, picture window, two lower berths, private bath

  • 10

    $22795.00   Deck seven, picture window, two lower berths, private bath, refrigerator

    Please add Discovery Fund Fee - Out of the Northwest fee of $250.00 to above prices

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  • Alex Preston

    Alex Preston

    Assistant Expedition Leader

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  • Andrew  Bresnahan

    Andrew Bresnahan


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  • Billy Etooangat

    Billy Etooangat

    Parks Canada

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  • Carolyn Mallory

    Carolyn Mallory


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  • Daniel Freeze

    Daniel Freeze

    Expedition Team

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  • David Reid

    David Reid

    Expedition Team

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  • David Newland

    David Newland


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  • Derrick Pottle

    Derrick Pottle


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  • Devon Bayly-Jones

    Devon Bayly-Jones

    Cruise Director

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  • Dr. Mark Mallory

    Dr. Mark Mallory

    Seabird Biologist

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  • Gay Peppin

    Gay Peppin

    Expedition Support

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  • Jackie  Dawson

    Jackie Dawson

    Canada Research Chair in Environment, Society and Policy

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  • Jamie  Enook 

    Jamie Enook 

    Parks Canada

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  • Jason van Bruggen

    Jason van Bruggen

    Expedition Team

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  • Jassin  Godard

    Jassin Godard

    Expedition Team

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  • Jennifer Kilabuk

    Jennifer Kilabuk

    Expedition Team

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  • John Houston

    John Houston

    Inuit Art Specialist

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  • Julie Knox

    Julie Knox

    Expedition Team

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  • Julie Bernier

    Julie Bernier

    Expedition Team

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  • Karen Petkau

    Karen Petkau

    Parks Canada

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  • Ken McGoogan

    Ken McGoogan

    Historian & Author

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  • Latonia  Hartery

    Latonia Hartery


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  • Laura Adams

    Laura Adams

    Expedition Team

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  • Looee Okalik

    Looee Okalik


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  • Lynn Moorman

    Lynn Moorman


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  • Marc-André Bernier

    Marc-André Bernier

    Parks Canada

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  • Matthew James Swan

    Matthew James Swan

    Expedition Leader

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  • Munju  Ravindra

    Munju Ravindra

    Parks Canada

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  • Neil Burgess

    Neil Burgess

    Expedition Team

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  • Pierre Richard

    Pierre Richard

    Marine Biologist

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  • Rick  Stanley

    Rick Stanley

    Expedition Team

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  • Scott Forsyth

    Scott Forsyth


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  • Stefan Kindberg

    Stefan Kindberg

    Expedition Leader Emeritus

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  • Susie  Evyagotailak

    Susie Evyagotailak


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  • Trevor Wallace

    Trevor Wallace

    Expedition Team

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What's Included

  • The expertise and company of our expedition staff
  • Onboard educational presentations
  • Interactive workshops, evening entertainment
  • All shipboard meals, including on deck barbeques & afternoon tea, 24-hour coffee, tea and snacks
  • Hors d’ouevres & snacks during evening recaps
  • 24-hour documentary and film programming
  • Fully stocked library

  • Introductions to local people and customs
  • Sightseeing
  • Museum entries, park accesses, port taxes
  • Access to pristine wilderness areas
  • Zodiac tours and cruises
  • On-site archaeology workshops
  • Community programming: local performances, presentations, and demonstrations

    What's Not Included

  • Commercial flights 

  • Mandatory medical/evacuation insurance

  • Personal expenses

  • Additional expenses in the event of delays or itinerary changes

  • Discretionary gratuities to ship's crew (approximately $15 per passenger per day)

  • Visas (if required)
  • Physician's fees confirming you are fit to travel

  • Any medical charges incurred while aboard
  • Possible fuel surcharges

  • $250 USD Discovery Fund Fee

    Charter Flights

    Edmonton, AB to Kugluktuk (Coppermine), NU
    September 7, 2017
    Early morning departure
    $995 USD per person inclusive of all taxes and fees

    Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Toronto, ON
    September 23, 2017
    Early evening arrival
    $1,400 USD per person inclusive of all taxes and fees

    Round Trip:
    $2,395 USD per person inclusive of taxes and fees
    Pre and post hotel nights in Edmonton and Toronto are available upon request
    Overnight accommodation in Edmonton and Toronto recommended.
    • Visit the wreck of the HMS Erebus, flagship of the Franklin Expedition
    • Visit some of Canada’s largest and most remote national parks, in the company of representatives of Parks Canada in celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial
    • Explore Qausuittuq aboard the first expedition vessel to visit the park
    • Travel the route that has enchanted explorers for centuries
    • Land at the largest uninhabited island on Earth during our stop at Devon Island
    • Cruise the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the world’s fastest-moving glacier
    • See the northern lights in all their majesty