Small-ship expeditions to Newfoundland & Labrador

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About Adventure Canada

Founded in 1987, Adventure Canada is a family-run travel company specializing in small-ship expeditions to the world’s most beautiful and seldom visited coastlines. Our pioneering approach to expedition cruises and small-group experiences emphasizes wildlife, culture, learning, and fun. We believe in the power of travel as a force for positive change in the world and strive to give back as much as we gain.

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The Nature of Expedition Travel

Expedition travel is characterized by its dynamic, fluid nature and we pride ourselves on our unparalleled adaptability. Zodiacs are used to access the land for shore excursions. During shore excursions, we cater to different activity levels and break into small groups to focus on various areas of interest.

Natural Wonders at Every Turn

The Atlantic Maritime, Mixed-Wood Plains, and Boreal Shield ecozones play a crucial role in carbon storage and provide ideal conditions for thousands of thriving species. The waterways are home to an abundance of whales⁠, seals and thousands of seabirds. Atlantic Canada offers unique natural wonders at every turn!


Celebrate Maritime Culture

Warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream, Canada’s east coast comes alive in springtime. Delve into distinctive history, heritage, traditional music and cuisine of the Maritimes. Visit quaint fishing villages and indulge in some of the finest seafood in the world⁠ on an enlightening and tasteful adventure⁠—sprinkled by the sea!

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Striking Botany and Surreal Geology

The mineral-rich soils of the Atlantic offer an abundance of striking botany and surreal rock formations to explore. Embark on a guided hike through the weathered Acadian forest to stunning viewpoints, or learn about the area's fossils and important geological discoveries with a local geologist. Learning with us is a breath of fresh air!

Newfoundland Botany

Learn from our Leaders

With a 7:1 group to guide ratio, all travellers will have the opportunity to mingle with our animated local experts. We travel with ornithologists, archeologists, historians, geologists, oceanographers, marine mammalogists, and other scientists. Together, we seek to educate and enlighten travellers about our beautiful, fragile world.

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Tailor your Adventure

Follow the path or forge your own trail—our diverse travel style will satisfy the adventurous desires of all demographics, activity levels and interests. Enjoy your desired amount of physical activity, leisure, creative and learning time every day. Focus on activities that you love and unleash your sense of adventure!

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