Arctic Small-ship Expedition Cruises

Get close to Arctic wildlife, towering icebergs, and glaciers. Immerse yourself in Inuit culture. Experience the joy of being out on the water daily.

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Arctic Cruise Highlights

Encounter Arctic wildlife in pristine natural environments

Our Arctic expert guides take you to where you’re most likely to see abundant and elusive wildlife, while always keeping a respectful and safe distance. Have your chance to see muskox, seals, and polar bears in the High Arctic!

Polar bears arctic gorman

© Stephen Gorman

Experience the joy of being out on the water daily

Get out onto the water daily in our large fleet of safe and stable Zodiacs. These boats take us where the action is—they can access even the most hard-to-reach Arctic fjords, channels, and beaches!

Zodiac ride among icebergs

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See stunning Arctic vistas seldom visited

Our Arctic expedition cruises take you to hard-to-reach destinations that are best explored by small ship. Explore beautiful and rugged Arctic waterways where Inuit have called home for generations.

Frozen glaciers

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Immerse yourself in Inuit culture and tradition

Travel with Inuit guides who know the place best and can share their cultures with you firsthand. Arctic arts, language, food, local traditions, and music are woven into our educational program onboard, deepening our cultural connections to the places we travel to.

Inuit culture sewing bogner

© Kristian Bogner

Enrich your knowledge of the Arctic places we visit

Presentations, hands-on workshops, guided hikes, and hosted dinner tables are just some of the ways you’ll learn more about Arctic. Our expedition team members are warm, friendly, and approachable individuals who will help you in and out of a Zodiac, chat with you over a cup of coffee, or tear it up on the dance floor.

Presentation by expedition team memeber

Be part of a community of like-minded travellers

Meet interesting folks with similar interests and fascinating life stories, make new friends, and travel in great company. Learn more about the Arctic with our onboard educational program. Enjoy film screenings, evening concerts, costume parties, and polar plunges.

Adventure canadas guests in conversation with expedition host Danny Catt

© Martin Lipman

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About Adventure Canada

Founded in 1987, Adventure Canada is a family-run travel company specializing in small-ship expeditions to the world’s most beautiful and seldom visited coastlines.

Our pioneering approach to expedition cruises and small-group experiences emphasizes wildlife, culture, learning, and fun. We believe in the power of travel as a force for positive change in the world and strive to give back as much as we gain.

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