Expedition Team, Experts, and Guides

Out of the Northwest Passage 2022

September 9 to September 25, 2022

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Expedition Team

  • James Raffan

    James Raffan

    Explorer, Author

    James is a writer, geographer, teacher, and seasoned adventurer with a particular passion for silent craft and the North.

  • Matthew James Swan

    Matthew James Swan

    Expedition Leader

    Matthew James is an adventurer and explorer by nature and by trade. He works tirelessly to ensure passengers have the best possible expedition experience.

  • Ellie Clin

    Ellie Clin

    Program Director

    Ellie Clin is an environmental educator by training and an adventurer at heart, having explored all seven continents and both polar regions.

  • Aaron Spitzer

    Aaron Spitzer

    Historian, Political Scientist, Journalist

    Aaron is wild about Arctic history and politics. Long the editor of Up Here magazine, he’s now an academic, specializing in Indigenous governance.

  • Dylan White

    Dylan White


    Dylan is an ecologist and explorer who has rowed and cycled halfway around the globe. Specialist in wildlife, plants and the wilderness.

  • Latonia Hartery

    Latonia Hartery


    Dr. Latonia Hartery is a filmmaking archaeologist from Newfoundland, who loves adventure, singing, and telling stories.

  • Carolyn Mallory

    Carolyn Mallory

    Botanist, Author, Artist

    Carolyn's interest in Arctic plants sparked her co-authored book, Common Plants of Nunavut. She delights in sharing and learning about all things Arctic.

  • Martha Flaherty

    Martha Flaherty

    Inuit Cultural Educator

    Martha is an interpreter, translator, cultural educator, and advocate. As a child, she was removed from Inukjuaak to Grise Fiord through Canada’s High Arctic relocation program.

  • Aka Simonsen

    Aka Simonsen

    Historian, Archaeologist, Inuit Cultural Educator

    Aka’s love for the Arctic manifests in her passions for communicating Arctic history, archaeology, culture, and nature.

  • Lynn Moorman

    Lynn Moorman

    Geographer, Earth Scientist

    Lynn shares her passion for learning about landscapes as an avid geographer, Earth Sciences professor, and a Governor of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

  • Barney Bentall

    Barney Bentall


    Barney is an award-winning musician and cattle rancher living in Cariboo, British Columbia.

  • Marissa Dolotallas

    Marissa Dolotallas

    Kayak Guide

    Marissa is wild about adventure and passionate about sharing meaningful experiences that empower and invigorate the mind, body, and spirit connection.

  • John Houston

    John Houston

    Inuit Art Specialist, Arctic Filmmaker

    John grew up among Inuit while his parents showed Inuit art to the world. He uses storytelling, filmmaking and art to bridge the cultural gap.

  • Chris Scerri

    Chris Scerri

    Kayak Guide, Musician

    Chris is at home on the water, on the trails, or whenever he’s making music.

  • Brenya Green

    Brenya Green

    Junior Sales Lead

    Brenya is a traveller with a passion for learning who knows that every destination offers unique lessons to each of its visitors.

  • Ree Brennin Houston

    Ree Brennin Houston

    Marine Biologist, Art Instructor, Expedition Team

    Ree is passionate about the world’s oceans and everything that lives in them. She shares that passion with as many people as she can.

  • Dave Garrow

    Dave Garrow

    Wildlife Ecologist & Expedition Team

    Dave is an avid explorer of Canada’s remote wilderness, and a wildlife ecologist with a great respect for the polar regions and the wildlife who call the North home.