Expedition Team, Experts, and Guides

High Arctic Explorer 2022

August 2 to August 13, 2022

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Expedition Team

  • Ellie Clin

    Ellie Clin

    Program Director

    Ellie Clin is an environmental educator by training and an adventurer at heart, having explored all seven continents and both polar regions.

  • Tom Paddon

    Tom Paddon

    Expedition Team

    Tom Paddon is a northerner whose career has involved leading large-scale natural resource development projects on Indigenous lands in the Arctic.

  • John Blyth

    John Blyth

    Assistant Expedition Leader

    John finds connection to water and wild spaces. He splits his time between travelling the north as a consultant, and a devotion to paddlesports.

  • Peter Croal

    Peter Croal


    Peter is passionate about sharing the amazing geological treasures in Canada’s Arctic.

  • Jason Edmunds

    Jason Edmunds

    Expedition Leader

    Jason is an Inuk from Nunatsiavut. He is passionate about connecting people and places, and works with local leaders to develop community-focused, socially conscious travel initiatives.

  • Alexandra Anaviapik

    Alexandra Anaviapik

    Inuit Cultural Educator

    Alexandra is a self-taught Inuk artist with a familial tradition of adventure on the high seas.

  • Ian Sinclair

    Ian Sinclair

    Sustainability & Energy Professional

    As a consultant and educator in the energy and climate industries, Ian understands the imperatives of climate change and how to reduce our own impacts.

  • Garry Donaldson

    Garry Donaldson


    Garry is a Canadian Wildlife Service biologist managing programs for migratory birds and the twenty-six Migratory Bird Sanctuaries and National Wildlife Areas in Atlantic Canada.

  • Thomas Kovacs

    Thomas Kovacs

    Musician, Expedition Team

    Thomas Kovacs, singer, guitarist, but most importantly, entertainer. His irreverent humour and musical artistry wins him new fans with each show. Be prepared for some very lively interactive fun!

  • Dennis Minty

    Dennis Minty

    Photographer, Wildlife Biologist

    Dennis delights in celebrating a sense of place—wherever that place may be. His photography has been published worldwide and he is the author of nine books.

  • Dr. Dawn Bazely

    Dr. Dawn Bazely


    Dawn is an ecologist and botanist. She has enjoyed the Arctic ever since polar bears ate her field experiments on Hudson Bay, forty years ago.

  • Brenya Green

    Brenya Green

    Junior Sales Lead

    Brenya is a traveller with a passion for learning who knows that every destination offers unique lessons to each of its visitors.

  • Ree Brennin Houston

    Ree Brennin Houston

    Marine Biologist

    Ree is passionate about the world’s oceans and everything that lives in them. She shares that passion with as many people as she can.