Expedition Team, Experts, and Guides

Heart of the Arctic 2022

July 21 to August 2, 2022

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Expedition Team

  • Jassin Godard

    Jassin Godard

    Expedition Team

    Fuelled by the sheer beauty of the land and its kind souls, Jassin’s smile transmits his love for life and wild adventures.

  • Julie Bernier

    Julie Bernier

    Assistant Expedition Leader

    A naturalist, traveller, and adventurer, Julie’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious. She is always excited to share her love and knowledge of the environment with others.

  • Jason Edmunds

    Jason Edmunds

    Expedition Leader

    Jason is an Inuk from Nunatsiavut. He is passionate about connecting people and places, and works with local leaders to develop community-focused, socially conscious travel initiatives.

  • Martha Flaherty

    Martha Flaherty

    Inuit Cultural Educator

    Martha is an interpreter, translator, cultural educator, and advocate. As a child, she was removed from Inukjuaak to Grise Fiord through Canada’s High Arctic relocation program.

  • John Houston

    John Houston

    Inuit Art Specialist, Arctic Filmmaker

    John grew up among Inuit while his parents showed Inuit art to the world. He uses storytelling, filmmaking and art to bridge the cultural gap.

  • Dr. Marc St-Onge

    Dr. Marc St-Onge

    Geologist, Oxford Research Professor

    Dr. Marc St-Onge is an accomplished geologist and petrologist keenly interested in documenting the evolution of continents and the growth of mountains throughout Earth's history.

  • Ellie Clin

    Ellie Clin

    Program Director

    Ellie Clin is an environmental educator by training and an adventurer at heart, having explored all seven continents and both polar regions.

  • Dawn Bazely

    Dawn Bazely


    Dawn is an ecologist and botanist. She has enjoyed the Arctic ever since polar bears ate her field experiments on Hudson Bay, forty years ago.

  • Brenya Green

    Brenya Green

    Junior Sales Lead

    Brenya is a traveller with a passion for learning who knows that every destination offers unique lessons to each of its visitors.

  • Myna Ishulutak

    Myna Ishulutak

    Inuit Cultural Educator

    Myna is an Inuk radio host, film maker, educator, and champion of Inuit language and culture retention.

  • Nancy Saunders (Niap)

    Nancy Saunders (Niap)


    Nancy is an Inuit multidisciplinary visual artist, especially recognized for her watercolours and line drawings.