Expedition Team, Experts, and Guides

Atlantic Canada Explorer 2022

June 23 to July 4, 2022

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Expedition Team

  • Jason Edmunds

    Jason Edmunds

    Expedition Leader

    Jason is an Inuk from Nunatsiavut. He is passionate about connecting people and places, and works with local leaders to develop community-focused, socially conscious travel initiatives.

  • Jean Knowles

    Jean Knowles


    Jean loves to share her passion for Atlantic Canada's natural and cultural history.

  • Dylan White

    Dylan White


    Dylan is an ecologist and explorer who has rowed and cycled halfway around the globe. Specialist in wildlife, plants and the wilderness.

  • Randy Edmunds

    Randy Edmunds

    Expedition Team

    Randy Edmunds is an Inuk from Nunatsiavut. He spends as much time as he can out on the land and sea around the northern coast of Labrador.

  • Callum Thomson

    Callum Thomson


    Callum was brought up in a croft on the Hebridean Isle of Tiree. He now lives on Vancouver Island.

  • Jane Sproull Thomson

    Jane Sproull Thomson


    Jane is a former museum curator and university lecturer specializing in the art and culture of northern regions, from the prehistoric to contemporary.

  • Julie Bernier

    Julie Bernier

    Assistant Expedition Leader

    A naturalist, traveller, and adventurer, Julie’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious. She is always excited to share her love and knowledge of the environment with others.

  • Margaret Atwood

    Margaret Atwood


    Author of more than fifty books of fiction, poetry, critical essays, and graphic novels

  • Dennis Minty

    Dennis Minty

    Photographer, Wildlife Biologist

    Dennis delights in celebrating a sense of place—wherever that place may be. His photography has been published worldwide and he is the author of nine books.

  • Garry Donaldson

    Garry Donaldson


    Garry is a Canadian Wildlife Service biologist managing programs for migratory birds and the twenty-six Migratory Bird Sanctuaries and National Wildlife Areas in Atlantic Canada.

  • Cedar Swan

    Cedar Swan

    CEO, Host

    Cedar is passionate about community and regenerative travel practices. She revels in experiencing the world through story, song, local food, and losing herself in wild spaces.

  • Gwen Freeze

    Gwen Freeze

    Assistant Program Director

    Gwen is a passionate science student, varsity soccer player, and outdoor adventure enthusiast.

  • Chris Scerri

    Chris Scerri

    Kayak Guide, Musician

    Chris is at home on the water, on the trails, or whenever he’s making music.

  • Brenya Green

    Brenya Green

    Junior Sales Lead

    Brenya is a traveller with a passion for learning who knows that every destination offers unique lessons to each of its visitors.

  • Brittany Manley

    Brittany Manley

    Program Director

    Brittany is a seasoned Program Director and a member of the Explorer’s Club with a passion for expedition travel.

  • Dr. J. Sherman Boates

    Dr. J. Sherman Boates

    Conservation Biologist

    Sherman is a passionate biodiversity champion, conservation scientist and keen life-long student of nature.

  • Scott McDougall

    Scott McDougall

    Sustainability Professional, Expedition Team

    Always motivated by sustainability and adventurous challenges, Scott has led parallel careers: one in the business of sustainability and another in expeditions at sea.

  • Lynn Moorman

    Lynn Moorman

    Geographer, Earth Scientist

    Lynn shares her passion for learning about landscapes as an avid geographer, Earth Sciences professor, and a Governor of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

  • Expedition Team

  • Krista Gooderham

    Krista Gooderham


    With an endless curiosity for the natural world, Krista spends her time searching its remote places, seeking inspiration that only time spent in the elements can provide.

  • Ian Davidson

    Ian Davidson

    BirdLife International, Americas Regional Director

    Ian is a wildlife ecologist with more than thirty years’ experience working throughout the western hemisphere on bird and biodiversity conservation.