Yuliya Sinebok - Business Development Account Manager

Yuliya Sinebok

Business Development Account Manager

Yuliya is a mindful traveller, wellness enthusiast, and adventure seeker.

Originally from Crimea, Ukraine, Yuliya embarked on an exciting journey when she relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2016. Her decision to pursue a career in tourism was fueled by her desire to immerse herself in the diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes that Canada has to offer.

Yuliya's passion for travel is driven by her love for adventure and a deep appreciation for the natural world. With a passion for yoga and wellness, she embraces a holistic approach to life that radiates throughout her personal and professional endeavours.

Yuliya has an extensive background in sales, operations, and customer service within the travel industry and as a Business Development Account Manager, she is responsible for fostering relationships with trade partners across Western Canada and Québec.

Outside of her professional life, Yuliya fully embraces her adventurous spirit. With a thirst for exploration, she seeks out thrilling experiences that allow her to push boundaries and connect with nature on a profound level. Whether it's embarking on awe-inspiring hikes, embarking on thrilling kayaking adventures, or seeking serenity through her yoga practice, Yuliya finds solace and inspiration in the great outdoors.