Veronica Ryl - Expedition Team

Veronica Ryl

Expedition Team

Veronica is an Advanced Care Paramedic, speaker, and SCUBA diver from Alberta. Her passion for integrating healthcare and adventure has sent her around the globe.

Veronica has a passion for exploring remote landscapes and adventuring in untouched terrain, which has led to her love for the world’s northern regions. Her ventures to the Arctic have brought her to Baffin Island as part of a scuba diving expedition team with the mission of community engagement, as well as driving to Tuktoyaktuk for the last season of the Arctic Ocean ice road.

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In 2017, Veronica was a part of Adventure Canada’s Young Explorers Program; her focus was on understanding healthcare infrastructure as it pertained to individual communities.

As a paramedic, Veronica works in Edmonton, Alberta for a busy 911 service and on a specialized community health team. She is also a provincial instructor for mental health readiness and speaks at EMS events around North America.