Terry Hennigar - Hydrologist

Terry Hennigar


Terry has over fifty years of comprehensive experience in engineering, environmental science, hydrogeology, and water resources management.

Terry is a hydrologist with a long and decorated career. One of his most interesting and challenging local projects was carryingout out the first study of the freshwater resources on and under Sable Island for the province of Nova Scotia. During this project, Terry spent many months on Sable Island with his family. For the past ten years, he has been involved with the Friends of Sable Island as a member of the Board of Directors. Terry has also published reports and delivered many presentations on the distribution, variability, quality, and precarious nature of the fresh surface and ground water resources of the island. In 2017 he also had the opportunity to visit Sable as a presenter, on board the Ocean Endeavour as a guide with Adventure Canada.

Terry was Chief of the Water Planning and Management Branch of the Atlantic Regional Office of Environment Canada for fifteen years before becoming a consultant in 1991. He has been involved in hydrogeological mapping, special water studies, groundwater exploration and evaluation, and the environmental assessment of projects on water throughout the Atlantic Provinces. His professional work experience includes aquifer evaluation, well design and construction, pumping test analyses, investigation of water quality problems, the outline of water requirements, planning for compatible land use development, and the planning, performance, and review of environmental site assessments, site remediation, risk assessments, groundwater supplies, and open-loop geothermal systems. Involvement with water issues on an international basis in China, Venzuela, and the Philppines have been almost as interesting as the challenges on Sable Island.

Terry served as an adjunct Associate Professor at Dalhousie University for twenty-two years where he taught graduate courses in Hydrogeology and Environmental Site Assessments. During that period, he supervised graduate student thesis research; conducted research in groundwater resource evaluation, management, and protection. He also planned, organized, and participated in workshops, seminars, and conferences; and coordinated government and industry efforts to study the groundwater resources of Nova Scotia.

During the past twenty years Terry also carried out forensic scientific and engineering investigations for insurance companies and legal firms in the process of claim settlements and litigation related to water supply and contamination cases. This work often led to serving as an expert witness for several environmental cases. His most recent experience has been in the new field of developing and managing several projects utilizing geothermal energy for heating and cooling of large and small buildings.