Ted Cowan - Scottish Historian

Ted Cowan

Scottish Historian

Ted is a citizen of the best countries in the world, Scotland and Canada. He is fascinated by the past but obsessive about the present.

Ted Cowan, FRSE, is Emeritus Professor of Scottish History and Literature at the University of Glasgow. In 1967 he received his first academic post at the University of Edinburgh, from which he had graduated just two months earlier. Ever since he has been banging on about his subject while pursuing the history of Scots at home and abroad. In 1979 he was head-hunted for the post of Professor of History and Chair of Scottish Studies at the University of Guelph, Ontario. The programme, which aimed to be the best in its subject on the North American continent, attracted numerous postgraduates from Canada, the USA, Britain and across the world. In 1993 he was invited to apply for the Chair at Glasgow.

Ted has published numerous articles on practically all aspects of Scottish History and is the author or editor of over twelve books, such as Montrose: For Covenant and King; The Ballad and Scottish History; Folk in Print: Scotland’s Chapbook Heritage 1750-1850; For Freedom Alone: The Declaration of Arbroath; and The Battle of Largs. With his wife, Lizanne Henderson, he has co-authored Scottish Fairy Belief: A History and A History of Everyday Life in Medieval Scotland 1000 to 1600.

Since the 1970s Ted has been involved in tours with Scottish historical themes. He joined Adventure Canada in the 1990s and soon realized a lifelong ambition to visit the Arctic. In his professional capacity he has been visiting professor in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and several European countries. In Scotland, he is in great demand as a lecturer and contributor to radio and television.

For relaxation he favours travel and poetry as well as Scotland’s mountains, trails and cultures. He very much enjoys meeting people, witty conversation and lively debate.