Taz Dhaliwal - Marketing Copywriter

Taz Dhaliwal

Marketing Copywriter

Taz is an adventure enthusiast, passionate about informing others on the benefits of regenerative travel, conservation work and wildlife sustainability through the art of storytelling.

Taz joined the Adventure Canada team in February of 2023.

Before joining, Taz worked within the broadcast journalism industry across Canada for about five years with various news agencies, such as Global News, CTV News and CityNews 680.

Prior to that, she completed her post-grad in Journalism at Humber College in Toronto.

She also has an undergraduate degree in Law & Society with a minor in Criminology and Contemporary Studies from Laurier University.

Taz is always looking to expand her experiences as a passionate adventurer, multi-talented storyteller and professional communicator.

She enjoys hikes, walking tours, photography, videography, and creating meaningful cultural connections.