Steve Rose - Photographer

Steve Rose


Steve is a passionate photographer who enjoys sharing outdoor experiences through his photography. He has always had a love for the outdoors enjoying canoeing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and more.

Steve has always had a love for the outdoors. To Steve, waking up in a tent means he must be somewhere good. Photography is Steve’s passion, and he enjoys sharing outdoor experiences with people who might not venture off the beaten path. He does this through his photography and by bringing people out on photography adventures. Elevating someone's photography skills by sharing his knowledge, brings Steve great joy.

Steve has been presented with many awards over the years and has had his pictures used in magazines, books, and calendars. Though his best moments are still the excited looks on a person’s face when they get "the shot". In recent years he has enjoyed spending time working in Antarctica and the Arctic and was able to help many people get their “once in a lifetime shot” of the diverse wildlife and landscapes.

When not taking photos, Steve enjoys canoeing, kayaking, diving, snowboarding, skiing, and mountain biking. Though, his camera is always with him even in these pursuits.