Shane Keegan - Naturalist

Shane Keegan


Shane has worked as a wildlife spotter and whale watching guide in Ireland, and recently graduated with an honours degree in Applied Freshwater & Marine Biology.

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As a result of being brought up along Irelands most southerly coast, Shane’s love of the sea began at a young age. Just a stone’s throw from his home, the local beach became his playground. This is where he would spend his free time exploring the rugged coastline, swimming, fishing and on occasion watching pods of orcas and dolphins from the shore.

It was experiences like these that led Shane to pursue a career in Marine Science. At the age of 13, he began working as a ferry boy in the Royal Cork Yacht Club (the world’s oldest yacht club). When he completed 2ndlevel education, he travelled to Thailand where he was awarded his divemaster certification. This enabled him to secure a job as a divemaster on the stunning island of Zakynthos.

He then decided that he would return to college and study Applied Freshwater & Marine biology at GMIT in Galway Ireland where he recently graduated with an honours degree. During his final year in college, Shane worked in a marine research station in Turks and Caicos where his most exciting role was tagging Tiger, Lemon and Reef sharks. His other interests in college were cetaceans and marine pollution looking in-depth at microplastic pollution.

Shane has also spent some time working as a wildlife spotter and guide on a local whale watching boat based out of Baltimore, West Cork.

In his spare time he enjoys scuba diving, swimming and kayaking in the one of the most spectacular coastal regions of natural beauty that Ireland has to offer.