Raj Shetty - Director of Sales

Raj Shetty

Director of Sales

Raj Shetty is an avid traveller, having criss-crossed the world’s seven continents three separate times. His love affair with planes—especially big jumbo jets—started in his childhood and fueled his love to explore the world.

Raj was born and raised in Mumbai (Bombay), India and was fortunate to travel extensively as a young child. Raj completed a degree in Sociology and Business Management before he pursued his passion to explore the world.

After backpacking around Europe, Raj turned his sights to the winter wonderland of Canada and instantly fell in love with the country and its cold winters. (Yes, he loves all things winter!) Now Raj proudly calls Canada his adopted home.

Raj started his career in Toronto’s financial sector before joining the travel industry, working his way up through sales departments and forging strong global business partnerships. As the Director of Sales at Adventure Canada, he oversees the Inside Sales, Business Development, and Client Service teams.

A healthy lifestyle is very important to Raj, who practices boxing, meditation, and yoga. Raj is a spontaneous soul and lighthearted troublemaker who has the gift of the gab. He speaks French, German, and Italian. He loves to inspire people to travel and make connections around the world. Travelling has inspired Raj to seize every opportunity and make the most of every day, since we never know just how long we’ll have on this magical earth.