Natasha Neves - Researcher-in-Residence

Natasha Neves


Natasha is a Brazilian working with Environment and Climate Change Canada to better understand the fate of microplastics in the Arctic.

Natasha was born and raised on the tropical beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She moved to Canada in 2021 for her master’s degree to study the effects of microplastic pollution on freshwater invertebrates at the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) Experimental Lakes Area, in northwestern Ontario—home of pristine lakes and the beautiful boreal forest. After falling in love with the boreal landscape, she has enjoyed learning more about all the different Canadian ecosystems.

Natasha had never seen snow until coming to Canada and is excited to appreciate all shades of white in the Arctic—glaciers, bell heathers, and polar bears.

Natasha has been studying the fate and effects of microplastics for the last five years and is now applying her knowledge in her new role as a wildlife health research technician at Environment and Climate Change Canada, in Ottawa.

In her free time, she loves camping, swimming, and playing with her foster cats.