Krista Bouwman - Adventure Sales Specialist

Krista Bouwman

Adventure Sales Specialist

Krista is a conservationist at heart who uses their connections to science and the arts to take in the world around them.

Krista grew up in landlocked central Ontario but always felt a strong connection to the ocean. After pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biology, they took a leap of faith and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to pursue their Master’s in Marine Management.

Since then, marine animal conservation has become their passion. In 2018, they joined the Canadian Sea Turtle Network where they led travellers to Trinidad to volunteer on endangered leatherback sea turtle nesting beaches, worked on a fishing vessel to capture and tag leatherbacks, and conducted education programming with a variety of audiences.

They also joined the Marine Animal Response Society in 2020 as a Hotline Operator (Like a 9-1-1 operator but for whales!), which had them educating the public and responding to dead and distressed marine animal incidents in the Maritime provinces. These two roles combined have led Krista to remote locations all over the Maritimes conducting site visits, carcass retrievals, necropsies, outreach with fishers, and training with government and industry.

Krista is so excited to bring their experiences to Adventure Canada and begin connecting people with community, nature, and experiences as an Adventure Sales Specialist.

In their spare time, you can catch Krista blowing bubbles underwater in search of nudibranchs, painting the world around them and exploring the outdoors!