Kersti Tacreiter - Parks Canada Representative

Kersti Tacreiter

Parks Canada Representative

Kindle curiosity, embrace wonder, soar into adventure, explore perspectives, and cherish every moment.

Kersti loves to explore! She seeks out adventure at every turn and readily dons her hiking boots, PFD, skis, and sometimes even stilts, to pursue natural and cultural wonders across the continents. An actor by training, she has lived and trained in tiny Italian villages, high in the hills of Umbria and Campania, performed under the stars in New Jersey farmland and amidst the concrete of Manhattan’s East Village, summoned crowds in Kraków’s cobble streets and brought stories to life across Canada.

Kersti is drawn to the mountains and the sea and feels most at home where the two brush shoulders. For this reason, she keeps returning, like the gannets, leatherback sea turtles, and humpback whales, to a tiny place on northern Cape Breton’s Atlantic coast called Ingonish.

Spending summers since 1973 at her family inn in Ingonish, Kersti has thoroughly explored the wonders of Cape Breton Highlands National Park where she began working in 1995. She continues, as a Park Interpreter, to find inspiration, share stories, connect with nature, and delight in the wonders of the world around her.