Fred Feathers - Birding Enthusiast, Photographer

Fred Feathers

Birding Enthusiast, Photographer

Fred is a joyful retired fellow with a passion for birding. Living off the grid, he's a lover of all things wild who aims to help people better understand and appreciate the wonder of birds.

Fred grew up in the wetlands near Long Point Provincial Park—home of over 80 bird species, many of which have been identified to be at risk. His favourite bird is the Peregrine Falcon—a formidable hunter found all around the world, except Antarctica.

Fred is an avid Nikon user and his go-to camera is the D500. Carrying big lenses hurts his back, but refuses to put them down. Even though years of birding have taken a toll on his body, his spirit keeps him strong. "I find a lot of symbolism in all species of birds. They are the perfect representation of freedom and strength. When I see a bird, I feel nothing but hope and joy. I can overcome any challenge I'm faced with", says Fred.

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He is a strong believer in sourcing local food and growing his own. He lives alone in his little country home and enjoys watching birds from his porch. He see's everything from cardinals to song sparrows— and once saw a fox!

The Huron Fringe Birding Festival is his favourite event to attend every spring. He loves to mingle with likeminded birders and talk about the wonderful sights he's seen in the Arctic and in Newfoundland while travelling with Adventure Canada.

He believes birding is one of the rare activities that rejuvenates your soul by allowing you to hear, see and feel your surroundings in a natural environment. It's meditative and healing, and everyone should practice it regularly. His life goal is to help people better appreciate the magic and wonder of birds.

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