Codie Lawrence - Adventure Specialist

Codie Lawrence

Adventure Specialist

Codie is fueled by his thirst for knowledge. He loves to travel, build new connections, and experience new cultures.

Codie was born and raised in Southern Ontario. As an Anishinaabe man from the Mississauga of the New Credit First Nation, he was active in his local friendship centre and travelled Canada representing the organization as the President of the Youth Council.

Codie moved to England in 2013 seeking new experiences; here, he truly discovered his passion for culture and exploration. After returning to Canada in 2015, he obtained a diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, followed by his Bachelor of Business Administration - Hospitality. He currently is pursuing graduate studies in business.

Codie continues to discover new passions which include the environment and sustainability, combined with his others. He immerses himself wherever he visits, acting more like a local than a tourist; absorbing knowledge and making friends at local hangouts, to understand culture and traditions through new lenses.

Codie continues to explore new continents and countries. His role as an Adventure Specialist at Adventure Canada is providing him with the opportunity to help others and himself experience more of Canada, the Arctic, and Inuit culture.