Christopher Thomas - Marketing Intern

Christopher Thomas

Marketing Intern

Christopher is a marketing student with a passion for social media strategy development and content creation. He loves trying new things and is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.

As an aspiring digital marketer and entrepreneur, Christopher enjoys finding new ways to connect with his audience through immersive and personalized experiences. Since more than half the world is currently present on a social media channel, he understands there is an ever-increasing demand for online content and strives to keep up to date with new digital technologies and social media best practices. 

Christopher has a fascination for exploration and creativity. Always looking to deepen his perspective, he isn’t afraid to try new things and loves delving into philosophical topics about existence, human nature, and society. He loves to put himself in opportunities where he can support and learn from others, since he knows new experiences will carve out his true potential.    

Raised in the melting pot of Toronto, Christopher recognizes the beauty of diversity. He respects that every community has a special way of conveying passion and aims to learn about it. In his free time, he likes to focus on personal fitness and making his friends laugh.