Carol Heppenstall - Culturalist

Carol Heppenstall


Carol leads small groups into the wilderness with a focus on Indigenous arts. She is the author of Time and Tides: One Woman’s Inward Journey and Outward Adventure.

Carol took her first cruise with Adventure Canada in 1992 and was hooked. Moving to Toronto in 1997, she joined the team as Director of Arts and Culture and has been a part of the company for over twenty-five years. With her background in Art History and Museum Education it wasn’t long before she established the Art is Adventure series of small trips focused on the arts of indigenous peoples in Canada and the US.

Forays in Mexico and Europe came later but all had as their goal, a more intimate knowledge of the artistic expression and cultural roots of artists. Her past experience as a gallery owner, university instructor and museum director all came into play as the young company pushed boundaries and created travel experiences unlike anything in the field.

As a member of the resource team on cruises, she focused on Inuit art, her first passion—as well as connecting with artists and friends in the many communities of the Canadian north. In 2013, she officially retired and now lives in Santa Fe; but the call of the North still lingers and she is known to lead one of her South Baffin art tours from time to time.