Carmen Bishop - Business Development & Account Manager

Carmen Bishop

Business Development & Account Manager

Carmen is an avid globetrotter who loves to read, enjoys exercising indoors and outdoors, and strives to continue to learn.

Carmen was born in Victoria, British Columbia but grew up on a farm in Ottawa, Ontario. As a child, when not feeding animals or bailing hay, she voraciously learned about the histories and cultures of distant lands. Carmen discovered early on that it was her destiny to see the world. After a student exchange in Mexico City at fourteen years old, she set her sights on a career in travel and never looked back.

Carmen worked for seven years as a travel agent in Ottawa before joining a Canadian tour company stationed in Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. After five years, she yearned to return to Canada and heard the mountains of British Columbia calling out to her. In Vancouver, Carmen worked for an adventure tour operator and then an international travel company for almost fifteen years. Now, with over twenty-five years in the travel industry, Carmen has joined Adventure Canada as a Business Development Manager and is eager to collaborate with industry partners and share her passion for expedition travel.

Carmen's love for travel has amplified over the years, leading her on countless adventures, including a trek in the Annapurnas, hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, horseback riding in Mongolia, snorkelling in Mexico's cenotes, hiking Mount Sinai in Egypt, riding the rails across Russia, staying in a salt hotel in the salt flats of Bolivia, and island hopping in Croatia. Her obsession with travel drives her to keep an ever-growing list of destinations to explore and immerse herself in—such as her next big adventure to Namibia!