Camille Mantadee - Office Manager

Camille Mantadee

Office Manager

"Embracing the journey while embracing the world!" – Camille

Camille is the Office Manager for Adventure Canada’s office in Mississauga, Ontario. In addition to her years of experience in business administration, she is an avid traveller who loves exploring diverse cultures, landscapes, and the beauty and wonder of each destination she visits.

From a young age, Camille’s parents instilled in her a desire to travel, taking her on family trips to various countries around the world. These early experiences sparked her love for travel and ignited a desire to see as much of the world as possible.

She has a sincere interest in connecting with local communities and strives to learn from its people, traditions, and history. Throughout her journeys, Camille has visited over thirty countries and has hiked through rainforests, explored bustling cities, wandered through ancient ruins, and marvelled at natural wonders.

Camille is also a proud mother and health and wellness coach who is actively involved in the equity, diversity, and inclusion work within her children’s school board and is an advocate for raising awareness on how to support career advancement and mental health for women.

Camille believes that every journey is an opportunity for personal growth, cultural exchange, and creating lasting memories. With an ever-growing bucket list of destinations, Camille continues to embark on new adventures.