Cameron Dalinghaus - Kayak Guide

Cameron Dalinghaus

Kayak Guide

Cam is an expert sea kayak guide. He is passionate about exploring the great outdoors, and he has a knack for riddles.

Cameron was raised in White Rock, British Columbia. Growing up, Cameron spent every weekend in the mountains snowboarding. This immersion in the outdoors lead Cameron to pursue a career in nature. Today his main discipline is sea kayaking, and he uses this craft to explore the hidden gems of the world’s coasts.

Cameron is a graduate of the Thompson Rivers University Adventure Guide Diploma and is working towards a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. His studies focus on natural resource sciences and Indigenous studies, with an emphasis on Haida Gwaii.

Despite growing up with a fear of water, Cameron has shifted to a very aquatic lifestyle. He spends as much time as possible exploring surfing breaks around the world and cultivating an appreciation for marine invertebrates.

While not aboard the ship, Cameron can be found globetrotting to all corners of the world, exploring different cultures, and having far-flung adventures. Some of these adventures include getting stuck in France for two years, exploring the Brazilian jungle, and, more recently, learning about the awe-inspiring history of Haida Gwaii.