Baldur Thorvaldsson - Expedition Team

Baldur Thorvaldsson

Expedition Team

Baldur is fascinated by marine mammals and has observed over fifty different species in nature; those that inhabit the Polar regions are of particular interest.

Baldur is Icelandic and became a marine naturalist after gaining an MSc degree in Ecotourism in Scotland. He had already worked in Iceland and Norway, when a chance to guide on some voyages in Greenland came along … and his fate was sealed. The polar regions had his heart forever. He would later guide tours in the Azores and vow never to work so near the Equator again.

Baldur has logged over three dozen voyages across the Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland ,and Norway—as well as various islands and archipelagos. His favourite travel destination is South Georgia—in part because of its delightful elephant seals, and in part because of its whaling history, on which he has a new lecture in a portfolio of over twenty lectures.

Baldur is a marine naturalist and polar guide because he finds the smiling faces on the pier at the end of a trip hugely rewarding. As a graduate of Ecotourism, he strongly believes in sustainable, ethical tourism as a powerful tool in helping people become conservation minded and appreciate wild places and wildlife.