Avery Nagy-MacArthur - Scientist in Residence

Avery Nagy-MacArthur

Scientist in Residence

Avery is a field biologist with a passion for birds and the ways they connect landscapes and people.

Avery’s interest in wild things and spaces began by observing songbirds and seasonal changes around her childhood home in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. Her ornithological interests expanded while later living in Nova Scotia, and she completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, during which she developed skills in field research and data analysis while studying the stopover ecology of a migratory shorebird.

Avery has since worked with a variety of bird species, from stewarding breeding Piping plover on sandy beaches in Nova Scotia, to searching for nocturnal Black Rail in coastal Georgia and supporting research on migratory shorebirds in the lowlands of James Bay, Ontario. Out of the field, Avery enjoys playing the fiddle, knitting weird socks, cross-country skiing and cooking good food.

She is currently completing a MSc in Biology at Acadia University on the foraging movements and diet of Arctic and Common Terns breeding on Country Island, Nova Scotia and is excited to explore our polar region for the first time.