Alfredo Pourailly De La Plaza - Scientist in Residence

Alfredo Pourailly De La Plaza

Scientist in Residence

Project: Storytelling research - connecting stories from communities from the Arctic and the Patagonian archipelago

Join Alfredo Pourailly De La Plaza on the following trips:

Alfredo was born in Chile, a small country with a huge archipelago on the southern corner of the world. As an endless ecosystem of unexplored and uninhabited fjords surrounded by mountains, forests, and glaciers, this territory has blown his mind since he was young.

Alfredo studied filmmaking and has a master’s degree in Cultural Heritage. He founded his own production company to create documentaries. These showcase these remote landscapes and their amazing inhabitants digging into the relationship between humans and nature. To achieve this he has explored and sailed around the Patagonian archipelago, Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn.

He has worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society producing a documentary to create a protected marine area on Tierra del Fuego fjords, and he has produced a photo exhibition supported by Patagonia, which showcases the retreat of the glaciers on Tierra del Fuego because of climate change. It has been published by several media including The Explorers Journal. He is currently editing his documentary, “The Land of Fire”, supported by IDFA Bertha Fund and Hot Docs Cross Current Fund, which explore the human need for constant development, portraying rural lifestyles at Tierra del Fuego.

Alfredo is part of the Young Explorers Program where he will be working on a new storytelling project. He wants to connect the Arctic and the Patagonian archipelago through photography and the stories of their inhabitants and the challenges they are facing today.