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2026 Haida Gwaii

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Explore the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and the National Marine Conservation Area

Travel creeks threading through old-growth forests and navigate the waterways between the communities of the islands. View incredible landscapes and search for a rich array of wildlife. Explore villages in old-growth forests and destinations inaccessible by land.

Moresby Island Totems Sgang Gwaay Linagaay

© Danny Catt

Appreciate the richness of Haida culture

• Enjoy a traditional Haida meal hosted at the home of a Haida elder

• Visit Haida Gwaii Museum and the Kay LInagaay Heritage Centre

• Tour SGang Gwaay Linagaay, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Totem Infront Of A House

© Danny Catt

Seek out multitudes of seabirds and marine life

Tour a variety of coastal habitats with seasoned experts who know where to look for wildlife. Get down to water levels in sea kayaks for intimate exploration of the natural habitat!

Whale Haida

© Danny Catt