Pricing and Currency

Why are some Adventure Canada tours priced in US dollars?

International programs and expedition cruise tour fares are priced in US dollars and are per person, per voyage.

While Adventure Canada is a Canadian company, shipping is a global industry that operates primarily in USD. We are required to pay all of our primary expenses—including the charter of our vessel, fuel, provisioning, crew and port costs—in American dollars.

In the past, currency fluctuations had led to uncertainty and the feedback from our clients was that they would rather pay the complete price up front. To avoid currency fluctuations, losses and surcharges, Adventure Canada stabilizes costs in USD.

We understand that when the US dollar is strong, the price in CAD appears higher, but the value is the same. We are happy to accept payment in Canadian dollars at the applicable exchange rate.

Adventure Canada is a Canadian company committed to offer the best service and most secure pricing for our clients, most of whom are Canadian. We appreciate your understanding on this sensitive issue.

We are not responsible for bank exchange rates on credit card transactions.

Some Adventure Canada tours are land-based tour fares, and are priced in Canadian dollars per person, per voyage; in these cases, Canadian taxes apply.