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The Quebec-Labrador Foundation

QLF exists to promote global leadership development, to support the rural communities and environment of eastern Canada and New England, and to create models for stewardship of natural resources and cultural heritage that can be shared worldwide.

The Quebec-Labrador Foundation/Atlantic Center for the Environment (QLF) is a Registered Charity in Canada and not-for-profit Organization in the U.S. with offices in Montréal, Québec, and Ipswich, Massachusetts. The Quebec-Labrador Foundation's program mission is defined in two parts: a regional component (New England and eastern Canada), and an international component, which ties our regional model to a global network.

For nearly six decades, QLF has been distinguished through its unique approach of working across borders: politically, between two countries; geographically, within a bioregion; and locally, among the mixture of religious denominations and ethnic identities, which make up the rural population of eastern Canada and New England.

QLF began as an organization providing community service and leadership programs for young people living in isolated fishing communities along the Quebec-Labrador coast. In the mid-1970s, programs were expanded both geographically and programmatically when QLF offered residential conservation camps and experiential outdoor leadership opportunities for youths, adults, and families. In 1977, the Atlantic Center for the Environment was created to develop Community-based Conservation Programs and Conservation Internships across Eastern Canada and New England—now, our regional flagship programs.

In 1981 QLF recognized its regional programs could be an effective model as countries looked for ways to address environmental issues over an international border and established International Conservation Programs to foster an exchange of experience and conservation innovation among organizations and individuals in other regions that share challenges and opportunities. Today, our program model of cross-border, bioregional conservation is shared beyond our home region of Eastern Canada and New England – with conservation leaders and practitioners in Europe; Central and Southeast Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean; the Middle East, North Africa, the Gulf States; and Southeast Asia.

Binding all programs together is QLF’s commitment to leadership development through community-based conservation and the stewardship of natural resources and cultural heritage.