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Committed to inspire individuals and communities to change the world through food that is good, clean and fair for all, Slow Food USA has a foothold in one hundred and sixty countries and directly impacts more than one million people.

In North America, you can find Slow Food Canada and Slow Food USA in more than two hundred local chapters from coast to coast that gather community, launch campaigns and forge partnerships. Chapters are joined by thematic communities that operate across geographic and political borders: They include the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance, Slow Fish, Slow Meat, Slow Gardens, as well as the important voice of indigenous communities: The Slow Food Turtle Island Association.

Whether at home or abroad, Slow Food provides eaters with the navigation to manage food choices for the greatest positive impact for farmers, fishers, and the future. We share with Slow Food a desire to preserve biodiversity and food traditions marginalized by our industrial food system. The partnership kicked off in 2018 with Newfoundland Circumnavigation. Aboard the ship, we embraced the Slow Food balance between pleasure and responsibility on the high seas. At port, we worked with Slow Food to make real the promise of slow travel: to tread lightly and respectfully upon fragile lands and fragile water, and to forge trust and understanding with communities more often overlooked by the dominant food grid.

Learn more about this surprising global movement that was born in the Roman streets outside of Italy’s first American Fast Food establishment in 1986. Look forward to eatings and meetings; and learn how to go Slow in your own life upon returning home.