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Taste of Place

Partridgeberry tarts, mustard pickle, cod tongues, Labrador Arctic char chowder, flipper pie... every gastronaut appreciates that experiencing the place where food originates is to truly understand the joy of food at a foundational, personal level. Learning through culture, music, arts, and science has long been at the core of Adventure Canada expeditions. Now, we are thrilled to add food to this immersive collection of experiences.

Destination Canada’s recent recognition of our New-foundland Circumnavigation expedition as a Canadian Signature Experience adds to the excitement building for Taste of Place, Adventure Canada’s new onboard culinary program. Taste of Place will heighten travellers’ culinary experience with onshore and onboard events, presentations, meals, and celebrations that showcase unique regional flavours and the people that supply and create them.
Adventure Canada is teaming up with leading food organizations and champions to support theof Taste of Place concept. These partnerships, together with our deep belief and operating ethic that “locals know best”, offer travellers an exceptional food travel program that combines entertainment, education, and engagement—ingredients that we feel can positively impact both the host and the guest at the table.