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Cod Sounds

based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, is at the leading edge of food and cultural tradition and revival, championed by the company’s founder Lori McCarthy.

Lori is a quintessential wild chef, forager, hunter and educator. She shares these foods and food practices through work-shops and experiences that reflect her passions, including her Smoked Capelin, Salt Sounds & Seal – A Taste Of Island Living, Seashore Foraging, Game Butchery and Wild Game Cookery programs. These experiences are introducing a diverse population to the joys of food from the land and sea, and connecting people and food to place. Lori has become a leader and advocate in her back- to-the-land approach with traditional food culture, and now plays her part in helping these wild ingredients find their way to her province’s great chefs and best restaurants.