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  • Kayaks Devon Island Croker Bay Nunavut Arctic

    © Dennis Minty


    Why You Shouldn’t Miss Your Chance to Kayak in the Arctic

    Kayak guide Geneviève Côté shares what make an Arctic kayaking experience so special. Learn more about Gen’s background as a kayaker, what to expect from Adventure Canada’s kayak program, and what you can do to prepare for this unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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  • Hiking Ilulissat Greenland icefjord

    © Martin Lipman

    Photo Story

    Choose the Activity You Like Best

    Whatever you like to do, there’s something for everyone on an Adventure Canada small-ship expedition cruise. Learn more about the daily activities you can choose from on your next journey with us: hikes, Zodiac cruises, kayaking, mountain biking, guided walks, community visits, and tours of special sites.

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  • Crossing sea ice Rae Strait Nunavut Arctic dogsled

    © David Pelly


    How We See the Land

    In this personal essay, author and cultural historian David Pelly shares insightful stories from his northern travels that helped him better understand Inuit ways of perceiving the land. Seeing the landscape as a matrix of linear paths, rather than a broad area, helps Inuit hunters travel safely across the tundra.

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  • Kristian Bogner holding camera large telephoto lens

    © Kristian Bogner


    The Ultimate Arctic Expedition Photography Guide

    For any avid photographer, a small-ship Arctic expedition cruise provides spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities. In this thorough and detailed guide, professional photographer and Nikon Ambassador Kristian Bogner shares some of his best techniques, settings, and gear recommendations for you to get the very best images on your next adventure.

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  • Guests smiling having fun Zodiac cruise

    © Jessie Brinkman Evans


    Adventurous Advice: Get the Best Travel Tips & Tricks from Experienced Expeditioners

    If you’ve never ventured on a small-ship expedition cruise before, you may be wondering how to prepare. Adventure Canada asked our past guests what advice they would give to a future expedition traveller. From the practical to the philosophical, here is a summary of their best suggestions.

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  • Adventure Canada staff Bruce Trail

    In Brief

    Bruce Trail Clean-Up Day

    On October 26, the Adventure Canada office staff enjoyed a sunny day of camaraderie and conservation with our partners at the Bruce Trail Conservancy. We joined volunteer coordinator Meghan and ecologist Mara for a hike along the Grindstone creek near Smokey Hollow Waterfall. Mara taught us how to identify common buckthorn, which is an invasive species in the area, and we worked in pairs using extrication tools to uproot saplings and small bushes of buckthorn from around the trail. Adventure Canada is excited to re-establish our company’s local volunteer partnerships as the province re-opens.

  • Arctic plants dwarf fireweed Chamaenerion latifolium

    © Dennis Minty

    Article | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    Arctic Wonders: Tiny Plants of the Tundra and How They Survive

    What do Kermit the Frog and Arctic plants have in common? It’s not easy being green! To say these plants must be frost hardy is obvious. They also face extreme cold, a short growing season, drought, frost heaving, strong wind, and infertile soil. Photographer Dennis Minty shares more.

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