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  • Purseanalitea teapot Mike Massie

    © Michael Massie


    Enjoy a Cup of Tea with Artist Michael Massie

    Get to know Michael Massie, an artist based in Newfoundland with roots in Nunatsiavut (the Inuit homeland of northern Labrador). A member of the Order of Canada, Michael specializes in silversmithing and is famous for his artistic teapots. Learn more about travelling with Michael and Adventure Canada in this interview.

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  • Grave Robber Kidnapper and Meteorite Thief

    Video | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    Top of the World: Robert Peary

    American explorer Robert Peary’s ultimate goal was to reach the North Pole. It seems there was no end to the lengths he would go to get there! Learn more about how his quest for fame left tragedies in his wake, while his claims of reaching the pole are now disputed.

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  • Guests jumping hike Torngat Mountains reflection

    © Dennis Minty


    Am I Fit Enough for Expedition Travel?

    Small-ship expedition cruises are active and adventurous trips, intended for people who have curious minds and are reasonably fit. Find out more about what to expect from this style of travel and whether it’s right for you.

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  • Aleks filming Joshua on expedition

    © Aleyah Solomon


    Where Are They Now? Young Explorer Aleksandr Rikhterman

    Aleksandr Rikhterman is an expedition documentary filmmaker and video producer. He joined the 2016 class of Young Explorers on Adventure Canada’s Heart of the Arctic expedition. Learn more about Aleksandr’s filmmaking success since his time as a Young Explorer in this Q&A.

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  • 10 Surprisingly Long Lived Animals

    Video |

    Top of the World: The Ten Longest Living Animals

    While you may shiver at the mere thought of the polar regions’ frigid waters, scientists believe they may play a part in the longevity of some of the world’s longest-living animals. Watch this video to count them down, from albatross to whales to jellyfish.

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  • Myna ishulutak inuktitut lesson

    © Rob Moberg

    Article | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    Ullaakkut! A Guide to Inuktitut for Beginners

    Want to learn a few phrases of Inuktitut before you travel to Nunavut or Greenland? Regions across the Arctic use slightly different dialects of the common Inuit language. Learn how to say thank you, greet people, and ask simple questions with this guide developed from Inuktut Tusaalanga.

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  • Narwhal tail and tusk

    © Michelle Valberg

    Article | Canadian High Arctic and Greenland

    Narwhals: Mysterious Tusked Whales of the Arctic

    Learn the fables and facts about unicorns of the sea. Find out more about their habitat, characteristics, and why most scientists believe narwhals have tusks. Plus, get advice about the best ways to spot this elusive creature on your own Arctic expedition.

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