Small-Ship Expedition

Encounter Inuit Art and Wildlife on the Heart of the Arctic

Embark on a thrilling small-ship expedition to the Heart of the Arctic, discover breathtaking natural landscapes, rich culture, and wildlife.

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Explore the coasts of Greenland and South Baffin Island, where you can encounter famous Inuit art- making communities and local artists.

Visit one of the world’s vibrant capital cities, Nuuk, and immerse yourself in Greenlandic communities. With opportunities for wildlife viewing from the ship or Zodiacs, you might spot whales, bears, caribou, thick-billed murres, guillemots, or dovekies.

Kangaamuit Townview And Mountains 2

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2024 Heart of the Arctic Map
  • Day 1: Iqaluit, NU, Canada
  • Day 2: Frobisher Bay
  • Day 3: Kimmirut (Lake Harbour)
  • Day 4: Kinngait (Cape Dorset)
  • Day 5: Hudson Strait
  • Day 6–7: Ungava Peninsula, QC
  • Day 8–9: Ungava Bay
  • Day 10: At Sea — Davis Strait
  • Day 11: Nuuk, Greenland
  • Day 12: Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord
  • Day 13: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

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Awaken your senses and reconnect with your spirit on Heart of the Arctic, an unparalleled small-ship expedition cruise with Adventure Canada.

Travel in the company of local knowledge keepers and recognized experts to appreciate the diversity and interconnectedness of Inuit culture and the offerings of this beautiful homeland.

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Learn everything you need to know about small-ship expeditions in Canadian Arctic and Greenland:

  • Wildlife viewing, cultural experiences, and must-see places
  • Zodiac rides, hiking, community visits, and polar plunges
  • The expedition team and on-board education program
  • Everything that makes an Adventure Canada Arctic expedition so special
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Meet local artists and buy one-of-a-kind artworks in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland

Tour the co-ops and workshops where brilliant prints, vibrant tapestries, and stunning carvings are made.

Meet the artists and deepen your appreciation for the art of the Arctic!

Print Art Kinngait Cape Dorset

© Lee Narraway

Spot polar bears, whales, and seabirds in pristine Arctic environments

Seek out the amazing creatures that call this rich region home and revel in the scenery as you go—from the ship, by Zodiac, or on hiking excursions.

Akpatok Island Polar Bear

© Lee Narraway

Visit Nuuk, Greenland’s intriguing capital

Take your time to wander the city of Nuuk, which offers a fascinating glimpse into Greenland’s history—and future.

Enjoy the bustle of activity at the art galleries, cafés, and restaurants that possess a strong Scandinavian influence in their design, architecture, and flavours.

Nuuk the Greenland National Museum

© Dennis Minty

Appreciate Inuit life and culture in three Arctic regions

Visit three distinct regions of the Arctic to appreciate the diversity and interconnectedness of Inuit life. In Nunavut, admire how the art reveals the unique creative spirit of Inuit culture.

In Nunavik, listen to the languages of Inuktitut, French, and English that can be heard among the hamlets of Ungava Bay. And in Greenland, note how the architecture reveals a distinct Scandinavian flair.

Inuit Life Greenland

© Michelle Valberg

Be part of a community of like-minded travellers

Meet interesting folks with similar interests and fascinating life stories, make new friends, and travel in great company. Learn more about the region with our onboard educational program. Enjoy film screenings, evening concerts, costume parties, and polar plunges.

Adventure canadas guests in conversation with expedition host Danny Catt

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