Small-Ship Expeditions

Explore Costa Rica and the Panama Canal like never before

Embark on an unforgettable small-ship expedition cruise, exploring Costa Rica and Panama’s stunning coasts.

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Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Central America’s Pacific coast, from teeming jungles to charming towns and buzzing islands. Learn about unique cultures, flora, and fauna as you explore alluring beaches, crystal-clear coves, and vibrant ports of call.

Experience the thrill of the iconic Panama Canal, lush rainforests of Costa Rica, and encounter diverse wildlife.

Costa Rica and the Panama Canal 2024

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2024 Costa Rica and Panama Canal MAP 1x1 4x 100
  • Day 1: San José, Costa Rica
  • Day 2: Puerto Caldera
  • Day 3: Curú and Quesera Beach
  • Day 4: Bahía Drake and Corcovado National Park
  • Day 5: Puerto Jiménez – Golfo Dulce
  • Day 6: Isla Coiba National Park & Marine Preserve, Panama
  • Day 7: Azureo Peninsula
  • Day 8: Playa Muerto, Darién National Park
  • Day 9: The Panama Canal
  • Day 10: Lake Gatún and Fort San Lorenzo UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Day 11: Panama City, Panama

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With stunning scenery, rich history, and endless adventure, this small-ship expedition cruise is a must for exploring Central America’s beauty.

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Costa Rica and the Panama Canal

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Transit the iconic Panama Canal

A bucket-list item for many travellers, the Panama Canal is a wonder of engineering. Enjoy transiting the locks in the comfort of M/S Panorama!

Panama Canal 2

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Experience the unique cultures of Central America

Visit the Embera Indians, one of the seven indigenous groups living in Panama. See the elements of indigenous, colonial, and contemporary history.

Welcoming ceremony in Emberá Indigenous Community

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Observe Tropical Plants & Taste Freshly Made Chocolate

Visit a family owned and operated sustainable cocoa farm, where we will have a local lunch and learn about how chocolate is grown and made.

Adventure canadas guests at cocoa farm

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Experience the thrill of wildlife encounters in Costa Rica, a biodiverse paradise like no other!

Encounter slow-moving sloths, hanging peacefully amidst the treetops. Be dazzled by the vibrant plumage of scarlet macaws and the majestic flights of toucans.

Witness the mischievous antics of capuchin monkeys as they swing through the verdant rainforests.

Capuchin monkey

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M/S Panorama

Sailing aboard a very comfortable 49-passenger sailboat with a Greek-inspired menu, guests will enjoy the time to relax and immerse themselves in the exceptional cultural, historical, and wildlife experiences.

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Ms panorama

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Transform the Way You See the World with Adventure Canada

Founded in 1987, Adventure Canada is a family-run travel company specializing in small-ship expeditions to the world’s most beautiful and seldom visited coastlines.