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Partnership crafted to give you the best out of your travel experience

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Adventure Canada and Canadian Geographic have partnered to deliver an immersive, educational, and entertaining travel experience. Through these signature Canadian Geographic Adventures, we strive to make Canada better known to Canadians and to the world.

Explore the seldom-visited coastlines of Nunavut and Atlantic Canada alongside Canadian Geographic ambassadors, local guides, and experts. Deepen your understanding of the regions we visit while making memories to last a lifetime.

Take the road less travelled and transform the way you see Canada

Exploring “off the map” destinations is at the heart of Adventure Canada’s travel experience. In 1987, founders Matthew Swan, Bill Swan, and Dave Freeze pinpointed the biggest patches without roads on the map of Canada and said, “let’s go there.” Ever since we have developed and honed that spirit.

When travelling with us you’ll explore together with Canadian Geographic ambassadors, local guides, and experts enhancing your knowledge and appreciation of Canada’s diverse cultures and stunning natural environments.

From guided hikes among the dunes of Sable Island, Nova Scotia, to Zodiac cruising at the foot of a glacier in Croker Bay, Nunavut, we strive to bring Canada closer to Canadians and to the world.

Pique your curiosity and feel the thrill of travelling to new places as you uncover adventure around every corner. Taking the road less travelled will give you a new and fresh perspective and transform the way you see Canada. Are you with us?

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Adventure Canada

Adventure Canada and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) have worked together since the early 1990s. Many past presidents have travelled with Adventure Canada over the years sharing their invaluable expertise. Adventure Canada’s CEO, Cedar Swan, is a fellow of the RCGS. Adventure Canada’s expedition leader, Jason Edmunds, has won the Marty Berman Award for Arctic leadership and is also a fellow of the RCGS. Many of Adventure Canada’s expedition team members are fellows and hold positions with the RCGS.

We believe strongly in the power of collaboration, and proudly are able to offer better and more innovative programming through cooperation.