Small-Ship Expeditions

Arctic Canada and Greenland

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Embark on Adventure Canada’s small-ship expedition to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland! Our expert guides will take you out daily on our large fleet of Zodiacs to explore the natural habitats and incredible wildlife.

With our small-ship approach, you’ll venture into areas that larger ships can’t reach, giving you a true sense of exploration. Witness majestic polar bears, playful seals, and towering glaciers for breathtaking sights daily.

Polar bear on the icepack jen derbach

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All Arctic Trips 2023 Map
  • Into the Northwest Passage
  • Out of the Northwest Passage
  • High Arctic Explorer
  • Iceland to Greenland: In the Wake of the Vikings

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2023 Arctic Small-Ship Expedition Cruises

Includes the following itineraries:

  • Iceland to Greenland: In the Wake of the Vikings
  • High Arctic Explorer
  • Into the Northwest Passage
  • Out of the Northwest Passage
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Watch and Learn

High Arctic Explorer Part 1: We made it to Nunavut!

In this travel guide video, Canadian couple Matt and Karla share their experience on the High Arctic Explorer expedition cruise to the Canadian Arctic. Learn more about their visits to Beechey Island, Pond Inlet, Devon Island, and much more!

High Arctic Explorer Part 2: The biggest icebergs we've ever seen in Greenland!

In part two of the travel guide video, Matt and Karla take you further on their expedition into Greenland and share their experiences hiking seldom visited regions, seeing bountiful icebergs, visiting Inuit communities, and witnessing the spectacular Ilulissat Icefjord.

Adventure Canada’s Northwest Passage

Experience the lure of the High Arctic aboard a small-ship expedition cruise through the mythical Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada!

Filmed aboard Adventure Canada's voyage "Out of the Northwest Passage" in September 2015.

Transform the Way You See the World with Adventure Canada

Founded in 1987, Adventure Canada is a family-run travel company specializing in small-ship expeditions to the world’s most beautiful and seldom visited coastlines.

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Pay homage to adventurers past at historic Beechey Island

Visit one of the most notorious sites in the Arctic: Beechey Island. See the graves of three mariners with the lost Franklin expedition, explore artefacts left by Franklin searchers, and marvel at what it was like for Englishmen to live and die here, so distant from the only world they knew.

Beechey graves mark edward harris

© Mark Edward Harris

Marvel at enormous icebergs in Ilulissat

Ilulissat means “icebergs.” The name says it all. Visit Sermeq Kujalleq (Jakobshavn Glacier), the busiest glacier in the Northern Hemisphere, spewing 20 billion tonnes of ice per year. Tour amongst the skyscraping bergs by Zodiac, peruse the local museums and shops, and dine on distinctive Greenlandic fare.

Ilulissat zodiac cruise iceberg icefjord

© Dennis Minty

Follow the sea lanes of history through the Northwest Passage

Squeak past bleak headlands and islands where Franklin’s men fell in their tracks. Sail near the graveyards of the Arctic’s most infamous shipwrecks, the Erebus and Terror. Learn about the ongoing investigations and marvel at the mysteries of that most tragic expedition.

Ocean endeavour at ilulissat

© Michelle Valberg

Take it easy with local wildlife in Tallurutiup Imanga, a protected Inuit waterway

Sail and Zodiac through Tallurutiup Imanga, a landmark marine sanctuary established through a pact between Inuit and Canada. Here, the greatest Arctic whales, bus-sized bowheads, skim for plankton while belugas and narwhal gobble cod in the fjords. Keep your binoculars at the ready.

Lancaster Sound Polar Bears

© Dennis Minty

Cross the Arctic Circle

Sailing up Kangerlussuaq Fjord (Søndre Strømfjord) is a true polar pleasure. A whopping 190 kilometres long but just two klicks wide, this remarkable seaway is flanked all along by frosted peaks and glaciers. En route you’ll cross the Arctic Circle—an achievement few travellers can claim.

Sondrestrom Fjord Kangerlussuaq Kangerlussuaq 02

Stop in at haunting Hvalsey, the last place Norse Greenlanders were ever seen

Visit the best-preserved Norse structure in Greenland, Hvalsey Church. It’s also the most eerie. In 1408 it hosted a wedding—the last recorded event before the Greenlandic Norse vanished. Visit this fjord-side ruin and join in the speculation.

Adventure Canada guest learning about Hvalsey Church with Callum Thomson Archaeologist and Historian

© Jessie Brinkman Evans

Savour the crags and glaciers of Ikerassuaq, also known as Prince Christian Sound

Explore the intimate, sublime passage called Ikerassuaq, or Prince Christian Sound. The stunning metamorphic geology here is part of the region’s Ketilidian mobile belt, formed 1.8 billion years ago by colliding continents. Transit in the shadow of crags more than a kilometre high and marvel at glittering glaciers that spit icebergs into the sea.

Adventure Canada guest watch for whales and seabirds from the bow of Ocean Endeavour

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