2021 European Expeditions

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The Basque Country

Along the western coasts of Spain and France, Euskal Herria - the Basque Country - awaits rediscovery. This diverse countryside with its mountains, estuaries, forests and winding coastlines, is a pleasure that can indulged by all of the five senses.

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In the Wake of the Vikings: a Voyage from Iceland to Greenland

Breathtaking fjords define this seldom-seen region. Whales and seabirds are abundant here. Photographers, birders, and hikers will be in awe. Explore the ruins of Brattahlið—a settlement founded by Erik the Red!

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North Atlantic Saga: Scotland, The Faroe Islands, & Iceland

The Faroe Islands are the jewels of the North Atlantic. We’ll visit staggering cliffs hosting vast colonies of seabirds and quaint villages clinging to tiny islands. Faroese culture is unique, best experienced with our generous local hosts.

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Scotland Slowly

In the isles of Scotland, the past is present. Rugged ruins. Ancient villages. Hear music and stories. Revel in wildlife. Absorb the scenery. Immerse yourself in history.

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Iceland Circumnavigation

At the edge of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is unique in every way. Dominated by geology and the sea, a unique culture has emerged ancient and contemporary all at once. Active volcanoes, and glaciers make every landscape awe-inspiring and hiking, sublime.

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2021 European Early Bird

Save 15%. Book now and take advantage of early bird savings for the 2021 Ocean Endeavour European season.

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2021 Expeditions Registration Form

Please note that you are not considered booked until registration forms—signed by all participants on all required pages—have been completed and returned to our office.

If completing the form digitally, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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