Health & Safety

As leaders in the expedition travel industry for over thirty years, Adventure Canada takes very seriously the ongoing health and safety concerns of all our guests, community hosts, staff, and crew during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

It is each traveller's personal responsibility to ensure that they meet international travel requirements and local government regulations—including vaccination, testing, and quarantine procedures—prior to departure.

We believe that the expedition cruise industry is one of the most well-equipped to resume operations safely. We are already highly experienced when it comes to managing and monitoring health conditions of those on board our small ships. Outbreak prevention and response measures are in place year-round as part of our Standard Operating Procedures.

Adventure Canada is committed to operating our 2022 season and beyond, safely and in full collaboration with government, medical and regional authorities, and our community partners. Our clients, crew, and partners are counting on us. We believe regenerative travel experiences will be a vital way for all of us to move forward, renewing our appreciation and advocacy of nature and culture.

As a small, family-run company, we depend on Adventure Canada’s vision and values to see us through tough times. We are grateful to be in a solid position as a company, which allows us to move forward with confidence. We have been deeply moved by our team’s resilience and resolve, and by the supportive responses we are receiving from affected clients and staff across the country and around the world.

In consultation with best practice recommendations from the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators and the World Health Organization, we have developed the following set of guiding principles in preparation for our upcoming 2022 season.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will make changes to and further develop these protocols in the months ahead.

1. Clean Ships

  • Medical grade virucidal cleaning agents will be used to clean and sterilize all cabins, public areas, crew areas, and ship's equipment on an increased cleaning schedule.

  • Increased sanitization procedures of high-touch areas, such as handrails, elevator buttons, table-tops, and door handles will be undertaken by our trained housekeeping crew.

  • All self-service food and beverage stations will be replaced with staffed or touchless service.

  • Mandatory use of sanitization stations will be enforced throughout the ship, including during embarkation/disembarkation in the mudroom and on ship gangways, and at our restaurant, bar, and public lounge areas. The number of sanitization stations throughout the Ocean Endeavour will be increased for easy access.

  • Dedicated infection control cabins will be set aside in the case that any guests, staff, or crew need to be medically isolated. Infection control cabins may not reflect the cabin type booked.

  • The Ocean Endeavour has a maximum safety capacity of 420 persons. In the spirit of small group travel, Adventure Canada has always operated at reduced capacity. This allows for more solo cabins, spacious dining facilities, multiple presentation rooms where we can break into smaller groups, expansive deck space, multiple gangways for embarkation and disembarkation, and a large fleet of more than twenty Zodiacs, all of which allows for effective social distancing measures.

  • International requirements for infection control and prevention will be continually monitored for ongoing compliance. We have enhanced our outbreak response plan and prevention protocols, and all staff and crew will be thoroughly trained on new procedures.

2. Healthy People

  • All guests, staff, and crew will be required to receive an official COVID-19 test, and a negative result will be required prior to boarding any Adventure Canada charter flight and/or the Ocean Endeavour.

  • All guests, staff, and crew boarding any Adventure Canada charter flight and/or the Ocean Endeavour will undergo mandatory pre-screening measures, including signing health and travel history declaration forms. We will follow all mandatory airport and aircraft regulations, checks, and screenings on our charter flights.

  • Boarding will be denied to any person who:
    – is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
    – has had contact with anyone suspected or diagnosed as having COVID-19 within 14 days of the trip’s departure.
    – receives a positive test result as part of our pre-boarding testing procedures.

  • All guests, staff, and crew will undergo mandatory daily health screenings, including temperature checks and health questionnaires, that will be recorded in personalized health logs.

  • Social distancing practices in public areas will be implemented for the duration of each expedition. Small group programming will be the norm on our expeditions.

  • To prevent airborne transmission of COVID-19, all guests, staff, and crew will use personal protective equipment such as non-medical masks when in-flight and on-board in public guest spaces, except when consuming food or beverages.

3. Responsible Experiences

  • Before embarkation onto any Adventure Canada charter flight and/or the Ocean Endeavour, all guests and staff will participate in an up-to-date mandatory health and safety briefing prior to each expedition.

  • Each expedition will be staffed by two dedicated medical professionals: the ship’s doctor and an Adventure Canada emergency health professional.

  • All staff and crew will be trained on infection control and COVID-19 outbreak prevention protocol.

  • The Adventure Canada management team will undertake training from the World Health Organization on Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19.

  • The Adventure Canada management Team will complete a thorough review of all logistical plans before each departure and adjust if necessary, based on the most up-to-date information.

  • Ample signage and markings will be displayed in all public areas on the Ocean Endeavour, reminding all onboard of our health and safety protocols.

  • Social distancing practices will be incorporated in our dining and group gathering experiences.

4. Community Commitment

  • Our commitment remains to the personal and shared safety of the local people hosting us in any community visit. We have longstanding relationships with the communities we visit, and their health and wellbeing are of primary importance to us.

  • Before we go ashore to any community, all guests, staff, and crew will participate in mandatory health and safety briefings to ensure proper training on infection control and prevention, in collaboration with community tourism planners.

  • Our community visits will be tailored and well-planned to ensure community and guest safety is at the forefront of all activities, based on site-specific best practices and community requests.

  • We will continue to collaborate and comply with local/regional standards and community tourism planners to ensure community-specific guidelines for infection control and prevention are followed.

  • We will work with local communities, ship agents, health and port authorities, and transportation providers to ensure we can offer streamlined embarkation and disembarkation protocols that are destination specific.

  • We may revise itineraries based on the requirements and needs of community tourism planners and local authorities.

Due to the varying operational logistics of each specific expedition, and as we work as a global community toward flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of these measures may change at any time prior to or during one of our expeditions. We will continue to consult and evaluate with destination officials, organizations, and industry experts to shape our policies. Please continue to check back to this webpage for the most current information.

WTTC TIAO Safe Travels

Adventure Canada is a Certified Safe Travels Operator

Adventure Canada has been awarded a Safe Travels certificate by the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. This accreditation recognizes us as a global leader in our adopted health and hygiene protocols and confirms our commitment to putting the safety, health, and security of our clients, staff, and crew before all else.