Health & Safety

COVID-19 restrictions and requirements in the areas we operate have been lifted or relaxed, but the well-being of our guests, crew, and expedition team remains a top priority.

Our 2023 COVID-19 policy maintains the health of everyone on board and remains adaptable to the jurisdictional landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adventure Canada’s vaccine policy for guests, crew, and expedition team?

  • All guests, crew, and expedition team must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • We strongly recommend that all guests maintain their mRNA booster shots (Moderna or Pfizer) up to date for added safety.
  • Vaccines are not a requirement for guests under 12.

Will there be pre-boarding and on-board testing?

  • Pre-boarding and on-board testing are no longer compulsory. Tests are available on board if needed, but testing is not mandatory.

Will there be an isolation period for guests who test positive for COVID-19?

  • If a guest tests positive for COVID-19, they may be required to isolate for up to 5 days, based on local requirements.

Will masks be required during the voyage?

  • Wearing a mask is not mandatory but is recommended if you are exhibiting symptoms. Please respect other guests’ mask-wearing preferences.

Will Adventure Canada’s COVID-19 policy change?

  • Protocols are subject to change. Adventure Canada will adapt to local requirements as determined by each jurisdiction. Guests will be notified in advance of each expedition if there are any deviations.


Protocols are subject to change to remain in line with regional requirements.

WTTC TIAO Safe Travels

Adventure Canada is a Certified Safe Travels Operator

Adventure Canada has been awarded a Safe Travels certificate by the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. This accreditation recognizes us as a global leader in our adopted health and hygiene protocols and confirms our commitment to putting the safety, health, and security of our clients, staff, and crew before all else.