Learn more about Adventure Canada's vaccination policy.

All guests, expedition team members, and crew travelling on our Ocean Endeavour expeditions must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We strongly recommend that all guests travelling with us also receive an mRNA booster shot (Moderna or Pfizer) to maximize your own personal safety. At this time, entry requirements of some of the countries we're visiting require mRNA booster shots; see below for details. We will continue to update this page as information changes or becomes available.

Vaccines Approved by the Governments of Canada, Greenland, and France

The following vaccines are currently approved by all of the governments of Canada, Greenland, and France. If you are vaccinated with a vaccine other than the five listed below, you may not be considered fully vaccinated in Greenland or France. However, if you receive an mRNA booster (Pfizer or Moderna) you will qualify as fully vaccinated and be allowed to enter those countries.

  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Nuvaxovid (Novovax)

Vaccine Requirements for Arctic Expeditions

If you are travelling on Heart of the Arctic, High Arctic Explorer, Into the Northwest Passage, Out of the Northwest Passage, or Greenland & Wild Labrador expeditions in 2022, the following information applies to you.

To qualify as fully vaccinated in Canada and Greenland, you must have received, at least 15 calendar days before the day you travel, board your charter flight, or join the vessel:

  • At least two doses of a vaccine accepted by the Governments of Canada and Greenland for the purpose of travel: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Nuvaxovid (Novovax)
  • Or a mix of two accepted vaccines
  • Or at least one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Please note that these governmental definitions of fully vaccinated are subject to change, and it is possible that in the future incoming travellers may be required to provide proof of an additional booster dose.

Vaccine Requirements for Atlantic Canada Expeditions

If you are travelling on Mighty Saint Lawrence, Atlantic Canada Explorer, or Newfoundland Circumnavigations expeditions in 2022, you will be visiting Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and the following information applies to you.

As of May 4, 2022, to qualify as fully vaccinated in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, all travellers over 18 years of age must have received a full course of an approved vaccination schedule including one mRNA booster shot (Moderna or Pfizer). For children under 18 years of age, only two doses are required.

To enter Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, your proof of vaccination must show that you have received a booster dose since your original vaccination schedule.

Proof of Vaccination

Your proof of vaccination document should be an official government-issued form, card, or letter which includes the following information:

  1. An identifier that clearly references COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination, Vaccination Record Card, or an equivalent phrase on the document
  2. Your full name and date of birth, which must match the information on your passport or another form of government-issued photo identification
  3. Your COVID-19 vaccination history, including
    1. The number of dose(s)
    2. The vaccine type(s), product name(s), and lot number(s)
    3. The date(s) you got your vaccination(s)

Please note that the only medical information shown on your proof of vaccination is your COVID-19 vaccination history. Out of respect for your privacy, this form should not provide access to any of your other personal or health information, including your health card number, social insurance number, or any other official identification.

When joining us, you are required to bring a copy of your proof of vaccination document, both downloaded to your phone or tablet and, as a precaution, either the original or a paper copy of your physical card or document.

WTTC TIAO Safe Travels

Adventure Canada is a Certified Safe Travels Operator

Adventure Canada has been awarded a Safe Travels certificate by the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. This accreditation recognizes us as a global leader in our adopted health and hygiene protocols and confirms our commitment to putting the safety, health, and security of our clients, staff, and crew before all else.