Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19.

You likely have many questions about the impacts of COVID-19 on your voyage.

The answers to these specific questions may change on a per itinerary basis, depending on the regulatory and safety context of the COVID-19 pandemic during the time of your sailing.

If you don’t see your question answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact Adventure Canada’s client services team or your personal travel advisor. We are more than happy to help!

1. Is Adventure Canada taking all necessary precautions to prevent COVID-19 on board?

Adventure Canada is developing a detailed COVID-19 Management Plan with community partners and relevant federal, provincial, territorial, regional, and municipal authorities.

The cruise industry has adopted protocols that remain unequaled by other industries. Adventure Canada’s SaRs-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Management Plan meets and, in some cases, exceeds government recommendations and requirements.

Adventure Canada continues to consult with external resources and stakeholders to develop our COVID-19 Management Plan, including:

  • World Health Organization.  
  • Transport Canada 
  • Public Health Alliance of Canada 
  • EU Guidelines (e.g., EU Healthy Gateways)
  • United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC)  
  • European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and Prevention
  • Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA) 
  • Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO)  

At a minimum, Adventure Canada will test all persons before boarding, have medical and quarantine facilities on site, allow space for physical distancing, and maintain an environment where everyone is fully vaccinated.

2. Do Adventure Canada’s COVID-19 mitigation measures exceed government requirements?

The Governments of Canada, Greenland, and France have sought to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by introducing different entry requirements for their countries. Additionally, Canada’s various provinces and territories have all enacted different measures and strategies to counteract the spread of the virus.

The cruise industry is among the most regulated in the world when it comes to COVID-19. You can expect that Adventure Canada’s COVID-19 Management Plan will exceed government recommendations and requirements, including the voluntary United States Centre for Disease Control’s (CDC) COVID-19 Program for Cruise Ships.

3. What are the testing requirements on board?

Adventure Canada may conduct randomized rapid antigen testing throughout the vessel and will conduct targeted testing in the event COVID-19 symptoms appear onboard.

4. What happens if there is a COVID-19 outbreak on board?

In the wake of the Omicron variant, many cruise ships have continued to operate successfully due to robust infection control measures onboard.

Adventure Canada has developed a comprehensive Outbreak Response Protocol which details the measures we will take on a step-by-step basis in the event of a COVID-19 infection or outbreak onboard, including the provision of isolation cabins, crew bubbles, and dedicated medical resources.

If you are identified as a close contact to someone who is presenting COVID-19 symptoms, you may be asked to isolate.

5. What happens if I get COVID-19 while on board?

If you contract COVID-19 while on board, you will have access to a well-resourced medical team that will guide you through the process. If you present COVID-19 symptoms, you will be assigned a dedicated isolation cabin or will be asked to isolate in your cabin. If you’re travelling with a cabinmate, they may also be asked to isolate.

During isolation you will be delivered meals, have access to on-board entertainment, and will be checked on regularly by our medical and expedition team. Upon completion of your isolation, and if you are not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, you can rejoin our program.

6. What happens if I need to be medically evacuated?

At this stage, it is extremely rare that a COVID-19 infection will result in an emergency medical evacuation.

Adventure Canada has extensive experience carrying out emergency medical evacuations in remote regions, especially in the Canadian Arctic. We will ensure that, in the extremely rare instance that it may be required, the emergency medical evacuation is carried out quickly and safely.

Prior to sailing, our COVID-19 Emergency Evacuation Procedure will be reviewed and approved by federal and regional public health authorities.

7. If I am medically evacuated, what about my family and/or the companions I’m travelling with?

Your family or companions may make alternate travel arrangements to disembark at the time of your medical evacuation, if possible. You may wish to contact your insurance provider to ensure your travel cancellation and interruption coverage meets your needs.

If they are designated close contacts, your family members and companions may be required to undergo quarantine on board.

8. Can I fly on the Adventure Canada return charter flight if I am COVID-19 Positive?

If you are COVID-19 positive at the end of your voyage, you will be unable to fly on the Adventure Canada charter flight and will have to make alternate travel arrangements home after completing your quarantine. Our on-board team members will do our best to assist you with this as much as possible.

WTTC TIAO Safe Travels

Adventure Canada is a Certified Safe Travels Operator

Adventure Canada has been awarded a Safe Travels certificate by the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. This accreditation recognizes us as a global leader in our adopted health and hygiene protocols and confirms our commitment to putting the safety, health, and security of our clients, staff, and crew before all else.