Before You Travel

Prepare for your adventure in the days and weeks leading up to departure.

As your trip approaches, Adventure Canada will do our utmost to keep you updated on the above information, which may still change drastically over the next few months. Proof of vaccination will still be required for all guests on Adventure Canada expeditions in 2022.

You are required to bring an appropriate number of masks of either KN-94, KN-95, N-95, or FFP-2 for the duration of your voyage. We recommend enough for two masks per day. Masks and other COVID resources will be available on board at the gift shop.

You may not be able to join your voyage if you feel ill or exhibit any symptoms of communicable diseases, including symptoms of COVID-19, which include, but are not limited to, fever, cough, sore throat, and shortness of breath.

For further reference regarding symptoms of COVID-19, medical conditions that have a higher risk for severe illness, and methods to prevent illness prior to travel, along with other resources, refer to:

Weeks Leading up to Your Voyage

In the weeks leading up to your embarkation, you will receive your joining instructions. It is your responsibility to be aware of and adhere to these requirements, including:

  • All guests must be fully vaccinated at least 15 calendar days prior to embarkation to board an Adventure Canada charter flight or vessel.
  • Make sure you successfully complete or will be able to complete each item on your Traveller's Checklist so you don’t miss anything important.

Three Days Prior to Your Voyage

Please be aware that your risk of contracting COVID-19 will be greatest during the travel time immediately prior to joining an Adventure Canada charter flight or vessel. To mitigate your chance of contracting COVID-19 during this critical travel period, we make the following recommendations:

  • Refrain from handshaking and hugging with individuals outside your immediate circle
  • Observe physical distancing during travel whenever possible
  • Carry hand sanitizer spray and/or disinfecting wipes and use these liberally on airplane armrests, pull-down tray tables, and screens
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Avoid touching or scratching your face
  • Wear a well-fitting medical grade mask while in transit
  • Absolutely avoid removing your mask during your flight, while in airports, or while on public transit to and from your destination

For more information, please visit the World Health Organization’s official Advice for the Public: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and Public Health Agency of Canada’s COVID-19: Prevention and Risks webpages.

The Day Before Your Voyage

You will attend an orientation session either the day before or the day your voyage formally begins, as detailed in your final joining instructions. We ask that you exercise caution and limit your exposure to public indoor spaces during this time.

You will be administered a rapid antigen test by Adventure Canada at your passenger orientation.

Immediately prior to travelling on an Adventure Canada charter flight or vessel, you will be asked to complete a Pre-Boarding Health Declaration form.

  • Please provide honest and accurate answers to all screening and medical questions.
  • Untrue or dishonest responses on pre-boarding documents may result in being denied embarkation.
  • Dishonest or untrue medical facts discovered while on board may result in being disembarked prior to the end of the voyage.