Small-Ship Expedition

The Basque Country


Along the western coasts of Spain and France, Euskal Herria - the Basque Country - awaits rediscovery. This diverse countryside with its mountains, estuaries, forests and winding coastlines, is a pleasure that can indulged by all five senses.

Yet it is the people of this land that are the most intriguing. Europe’s oldest nation, but never a country. An ancient language with no relation to any other on earth. An enduring culture whose impact on the world stretches far beyond the stunning countryside nestled at the base of the Cantabrian Sea.

The Basque Country Map 2021


  • Detail of basque regional clothing to dance

    Immerse yourself in the Unique Basque Culture

    For centuries, the Basque people lived around what is today’s border between Spain and France. Learn first hand about their culture from our onboard local experts.

  • Cider house in astigarraga

    Immersive Cider House experience in Astigarraga

    Visit a family of cider-makers in who have five centuries of experience producing cider in the region. Tour the orchards and traditional cider-making facilities, have traditional cider house meal, and take in a demonstration of traditional Basque rural sports.

  • Pintxos from the basque region of bilbao and san sebastian

    Indulge in the local food

    Espellete peppers, white beans of Tolosa, traditional Beasain blood sausage, Idiazabal cheese, angulas of Aguinaga. Experience the joy of pintxos, the tapas-like snack at the heart of Basque cusine.

  • Birding at the le teich ornithological reserve

    Enjoy Excellent Birding at the Le Teich Ornithological Reserve

    With blinds and raised viewing platforms that offer excellent bird-watching opportunities, Le Teich Ornithological Reserve is habitat for as many as 260 bird species year-round. The reserve is also an important migratory stopover and wintering ground for a wide variety of species.

  • Bordeaux wine

    Enjoy a glass of wine in Bordeaux

    Explore the old quarter of Bordeaux learning about the architecture, culture and history, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Make sure to stop in for a glass of wine that made this region a household name.


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