Small-Ship Expedition

Iceland Circumnavigation


Iceland circumnavigation 2023 map


  • Reykjavik

    Iceland: a hotspot for culture

    Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland is considered one of the cleanest, and greenest cities in the world. It’s also famed for its nightlife!

    • Browse the cultural attractions of Reykjavík, a global hotspot for culture
  • Grimsey People In Zodiac

    Sail north of the Arctic Circle

    Iceland is one of the world’s eight Arctic nations—but just barely! The island of Grímsey is the reason: the Arctic Circle (66 degrees 33 minutes north) runs through it! At forty kilometres off the coast of the mainland, Grímsey is the only part of Iceland to earn the title “Arctic” on the basis of latitude.

    Visit now: the Arctic Circle is moving north, and by mid-century Grímsey will be south of it!

  • Vestmannaeyjar Westman Islands

    The world’s newest island

    In 1963, a cook aboard a freighter saw what he thought was a ship in trouble: smoke pouring onto the horizon with ocean all around. But on approach, it became clear that this was not a shipwreck, but a volcanic eruption forming a new island: Surtsey.

    Today, Surtsey is a conservation area uninhabited by people—but has become home to many plants, leading to a much greater awareness of the way island life develops! Sail by this unique landform: one of the world’s newest islands.

  • Puffins Iceland

    Landscapes beyond imagining

    Volcanoes, waterfalls, mountains, fjords, sea stacks, bird cliffs, lava fields, glaciers, and caves… even if you’re not a geologist, Iceland has something for you!

    • Hike to dramatic cliffs to photograph seabirds
    • Visit remarkable geological formations by Zodiac
    • Learn about Iceland’s incredible volcanic history


Ocean Endeavour Labrador

Ocean Endeavour

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